FAQs on Elpha® Nutrislim Slim it! Fat Reducer Jelly

Is there any rebound?
There is no rebound. Elpha® Nutrislim Slim it! Fat Reducer Jelly is a health functional food, not a drug or medication. It helps our body to quickly mobilize fat decomposition, with no diet, no medicine and no diarrhoea, it is a real scientific fat-reducing product.


Can I take just one jelly per day?
Best recommended to have at least two a day to boost your body metabolism on fat reduction. Individual body has its own level of deficit, the average would be two jellies a day. When you have achieved your desired body, you can take 1-2 for maintenance.


When should I eat the jelly?
Take one jelly before/without breakfast on empty stomach. Drink warm water to increase the absorption process. Take one jelly before your meals if you want to block the excess lipid and starch absorption and accumulation.


Can we stop consuming after seeing result?
Elpha® Nutrislim Slim it! Fat Reducer Jelly is a health functional food, a dietary supplement. It doesn’t contain any medication/drug. It is used to supplement a diet and to support or maintain, enhance and improve the healthy functions of the human body. We eat and have fat/carb intake to our body everyday, so when you do consume slim it jelly, there will be help, if you don’t, then there will be no further help.


Can diabetes take Slim-it Jelly?
Grapefruit is one of the healthiest foods and snacks fruit for people with diabetes. This is a low glycemic index fruit that has no significant adverse effect on blood sugar levels.

Why am I more bloated and heavier during menstruation?
Menstrual cycles can cause people to retain more water weight and lead to weight fluctuations.


Can breastfeeding Mums take this jelly?
Slim-it jelly does not contain any ingredients high enough to cause hazard or to harm our body or breastfeeding. That's why she is taking it. But it's not a definite yes/no to take slim-it jelly, as pregnant and breastfeeding women are a sensitive group of people. Like some people don't take raw sashimi, salmon when breastfeeding/pregnant, but some others say it's ok to take in moderation. So it's up to individual discretion on whether they want to consume slim-it jelly or not. There is no content too high enough to cause any health hazard.


Will I have diarrhoea or bad tummy ache?

This is unlike the traditional slimming supplements where you have toilet runs and tummy ache. Slim it helps reduce existing fat without starving and diarrhoea. Also, it is not the typical kind of fat blocker only that you take before meals. It is mainly a new scientific fat reducer supplement so you can take it even without food. Taking it before food is so as to utilise the fat&carb blocking efficacies together.